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COX Automotive Australia and Pentana Solutions have extended their partnership, adding brands Xtime, DealerCell and Dealer Solutions to benefit customers in Australia and New Zealand.

The partnership consolidates into the one agreement the right of access for dealers using Xtime, DealerCell and Dealer Solutions applications into their Pentana dealer management systems.

In a statement, Cox Automotive Australia (CAA) said: “A global provider of services for the entire vehicle lifecycle and Pentana Solutions, Australia’s market leading dealer management system (DMS) software company have reached an agreement to integrate a number of their market leading solutions.”

CAA CEO Rob Whiten said the partnership “made sense”.

Rob Whiten

“We have had integrations with Pentana Solutions through Xtime for a number of years and now the expansion and continuation of our relationship with Pentana to include Dealer Solutions and DealerCell will bring great value for our dealers and OEMs,” he said.

Pentana Solutions executive of integrated partners Richard Kerr said: “Our market-leading DMS platforms have always been open and we welcome deeper partnerships with global companies such as CAA.

“Our solutions complement each other and we are always looking for ways to deliver efficiencies and seamless solutions to the market.

Richard Kerr

“An important aspect of this partnership is to ensure dealers’ data is protected and secure at all times.”

It may not be the last partnership between the two companies. The joint statement said there are plans to “continue to explore opportunities to expand the offerings and deliver value for their customers.”

CAA focuses on digitising the wholesale and retail automotive experience to provide customers with the tools needed to assist their businesses.

Pentana Solutions supplies dealer management systems and IT services to more than 70 per cent of the Australian new-car franchised dealer market.

By Neil Dowling

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