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FORD will use digital marketing products developed by Australian ad tech company Cartelux throughout its ASEAN dealer network.

The partnership between Cartelux, Ford Motors ASEAN and Google started late 2021 with a program for Ford dealers in Thailand and now expands to South East Asia. It does not include Australia.

Cartelux announced the partnership at Google’s Think Tank APAC event, where Google referred to the work of the Australian company as “the future of automotive retail”. Cartelux was the keynote speaker.

The company said that as part of Ford’s ongoing partnership with Google, its technology allows Ford to simplify and automate the ad creation, approval and media buying process. 

“Cartelux enables dynamic personalisation and localisation of creative assets by each dealer, while delivering a consistent brand campaign for Ford,” the company said in a statement.

“Using Cartelux, Ford dealers can create and amplify ad campaigns in 60 seconds, providing the ability to react quickly to changing market conditions.”

Cartelux global general manager Patrick Doble said Google’s partnership with Ford was transforming how automotive businesses innovate.

“We’re excited to partner with Google to enable Ford to further improve customer experiences with differentiated technology and personalised services,” he said.

Ford Thailand marketing director Saruth Ingkavat said the technology allowed dealers to easily launch personalised digital campaigns to drive more traffic and leads to their dealerships and their websites. 

“It saves both time and money that dealers would otherwise have spent on setting up, producing and amplifying their own campaigns,” he said.

“Being able to innovate and deliver campaigns quickly will enhance our agility within a complex and highly competitive retail market.”

Google lead of automotive, Irin Khandhajavana said: “Cartelux allows dealers to participate in Google’s global knowledge pool, creating access to campaign professionality in a simple and time efficient manner. 

“By partnering with Cartelux and Ford, we established a link between Google’s world class media targeting capability, retail networks and consumers, together we ensure the message is making the last mile to the right consumer and the right time. We saw search volumes for Ford triple,” she said.

Mr Ingkavat said initial results had been highly encouraging with significant search uplift in provinces where Ford is running Cartelux activity.

Ford has also introduced Online to Offline tracking (O2O) to measure those exposed to the campaign online who then go on to take an offline action such as visiting a dealer or purchasing a car. 

This innovation takes tracking beyond standard media analytics and provides a 360-degree view of campaign performance and how online efforts drive offline action to allow professional performance marketing for each individual dealer.

By Neil Dowling

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