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FORMER SEA Electric engineer and program manager Glenn Jewell has been appointed as an engineer at US company First Mode, based in Perth.

At First Mode, Mr Jewell will take on the position of principal integration and manufacturing engineer and focus on zero-emission engineering and manufacturing projects for vehicles used in commercial applications including space travel and mining.

First Mode is a Seattle-based engineering think tank. It is primarily involved in solving extremely difficult problems around operating equipment in harsh or remote environments, such as working in underground mines in Australia and with the NASA Mars exploration and Rover programs with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Mr Jewell was previously the engineering, manufacturing and program manager at Australian electric truck manufacturer SEA Electric and before that was senior lead designer of niche vehicle development for Multimatic, based in Melbourne.

At Multimatic he worked on the design and packaging of carbon-fibre structures for the AMG One hypercar and managed the MotoGP motorcycle development program for the Triumph-based Moto2 class.

Mr Jewell was also global program manager for Lumen Australia and engineering designer for General Motors at Holden.

By Neil Dowling

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