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Road to Recovery Podcast Series

IT IS my pleasure to introduce Dealer Talks, a new podcast series brought to you by Gumtree Cars, in partnership with GoAutoMedia.

The ‘Road to Recovery’ is a short-format podcast series designed to keep dealers, managers and staff abreast of developments as the industry heads back to normal trading in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

Richard Dicello

We are speaking to various industry leaders in their respective fields of expertise to discuss the trends and changes that are emerging so that retailers can figure out how that information might fit into their own recovery road map and future dealer operations.

In this first edition of the series, we have spoken with three industry leaders to get a handle on what retail activity looks like as we see various government restrictions ease following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shaun Cornelius

We discuss some vital research with Richard Dicello, the head of motors for Gumtree Cars, which recently published some insights on the fallout from the pandemic on whether car buyers have been put off returning to market. The data came from Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands and the positive news is that Australians seem to be more ready to jump back into the car market than any other country.

Joining the conversation is Shaun Cornelius. Shaun is the CEO of Cox Australia Media Solutions – which includes AutoTrader and CarsGuide – and they have some interesting trends showing up in their online research data that suggest there are green shoots out there in terms of intention to buy.

Michael Holmes

Also contributing is Michael Holmes. Michael is executive director for dealers at Carsales, and he shares insights on what they are seeing in the Road to Recovery for the industry.

Tune in now and join us on the journey.

By John Mellor

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