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IN A surprisingly heartfelt series of small videos, five members of Jaguar’s design team have expressed positive thoughts on the pandemic including that it will lead to “a design renaissance”.

The videos were done to present some positives amidst the gloom of the pandemic, particularly the sense of isolation experienced by global communities.

It says people have had to make significant changes to their lifestyles, including their relationship with their families and their careers, but that the uncertainty “has forced people to pause, taking stock of what matters and evaluating what adds meaning and purpose to their lives”.

Jaguar design director Julian Thomson said the pandemic would create the renaissance in design and that “people will come back refreshed and give clarity to their work.”

The brand’s senior design strategist, Lizete Druka, said “times of crisis accelerate innovation” and that “design thrives in disruption” giving “big opportunities for designers.”

The three other design staff are exterior design manager Paven Patel who said change has brought people closer; colour and materials designer Louise Thorburn who said the pandemic has prioritised what is important: and brand design manager Andrea Rosati who said the pandemic presented an opportunity to challenge conventions and shape the future.

Mr Thomson said: “The events of the last few months have given us a natural break where we have been able to step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and evaluate what’s special.  I hope my team will come back refreshed, with new ideas and a greater clarity about what’s important in the world going forward.”

By Neil Dowling

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