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IT IS an old tale reinvented, computer enhanced and graphically altered to rocket author John Barry’s Peter Pan into the 21st century and revisit the forever-young character’s fight against the evil Captain Hook.

Which probably seemed like a good idea at the time that the concept found life in South Korea and before the three-minute movie – now on Kia ‘s global websites including in Australia – started production in Madrid.

The film “Peter Returns” clearly displays Kia’s autonomous vehicle (AV) prospects that will begin to emerge in 2021 when the company begins its “Smart City” AV trials.

In “Peter Returns”, the Kia computer-graphic concept vehicle, called the KED-12, displays a range of autonomous and advanced technology features including Smart Pixel Light, Valet Parking Pilot, Sound Focusing, Intelligent Agent and more.

Peter is joined by in 2030 by companions sourced from the original children’s story, Wendy and Tinker Bell, and together they overcome Hook’s attempts to side-rail the city of Neverland’s electronic guidance systems.

In launching the film, Kia Motors’ executive vice president of global brand and marketing, Yong Won Cho, said: “Kia is on a journey to become one of the leading mass mobility providers in the future.

“Through our original film, we wanted to show how something classical and loved by millions around the world can be re-interpreted and made relevant for modern times.

“Much like the people of Neverland in ‘Peter Returns’, everyone deserves to benefit from technological progress, not just the few.”

The film was directed by award-winning French filmmaker Phillipe Andre. It was shot in Madrid, Spain over a six-day period and involved 200 actors and crew members, with more than 100 different props and costumes created specifically for the film.

The imaginary Neverland locations took six months to be sketched and turned into computer graphics.

By Neil Dowling