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A 2014 McLaren 650S Spider that featured in Manheim’s last prestige car auction has failed to get its reserve, was passed in at $387,500 and is now subject to negotiations to conclude a sale.

The 650S, one of the world’s fastest sportscars, sells from $511,000 without options and on-road costs. The rare exotic convertible was repossessed from its owner of just one year with only 2200km on the clock.


Before the auction, the price the car was going to bring was anyone’s guess. Manheim’s communications manager Mathew McAuley said this was the first time a McLaren had been auctioned in Australia and that, combined with this particular car’s personalised equipment, made it extremely difficult to predict a price range for the sale.

Almost 900 people attended the twilight prestige public auction at Altona, with buyers snapping up 60 of 85 vehicles for total sales of $3.6 million.

“With negotiations still underway on the McLaren we may yet see the final result push through the $4 million mark,”

Mr McAuley said. “In general prices were well up on reserve and while the lanes were full, online sales interest was also strong. There were 328 users online over the course of the sale and 31 vehicles, some 52 per cent, sold online.”

By John Mellor


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