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MERCEDES-BENZ Heritage GmbH has added three executive roles and expanded the workshop to strengthen the structure of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Centre.

It has appointed Peter Schoren (53) as head of the Classic Centre in the Stuttgart region and as a new board member of Mercedes-Benz Heritage GmbH.

Mr Schoren has been with the company for 25 years and has a wealth of experience in the areas of marketing, strategy and sales.

Peter Schoren

In his previous role, from 2017 on, Mr Schoren served as head of product management and sales in the Mercedes-Benz off-road vehicle division, taking on his new responsibility following the successful market launch of the facelifted G-Class and the introduction of the all-electric G-Class.

Thomas Armbrecht (47) brings many years of practical experience in supplier and quality management from the former Daimler AG and the Daimler Truck AG joint venture Cellcentric GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 2021, where he was head of quality.

Thomas Armbrecht

Patrik Gottwick (39) will be the new Classic Centre sales and marketing manager at Mercedes-Benz Heritage GmbH.

He brings extensive experience in various leadership roles in the classic car sector and will be responsible for further developing the Classic Centre’s trading operations, focusing particularly on top-segment Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

The expansion of the workshop has also involved taking on experienced specialists, along with their formidable know-how, as well as a substantial stock of spare parts and specialised equipment for complex work on exclusive Mercedes-Benz classics.

Patrik Gottwick

Mercedes said that additional capabilities for factory restorations, repairs and maintenance have now been created, which has more than doubled workshop capacity.Mercedes-Benz Heritage GmbH CEO Marcus Breitschwerdt said: “I am delighted that Peter Schoren, Thomas Armbrecht and Patrik Gottwick will be steering the development of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Centre in leadership roles in future.

“Mercedes-Benz Heritage GmbH is responsible for preserving and advancing the legacy of our unique brand. This includes providing top-level service for classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

“As a result, we invested significantly in additional specialists and valuable spare parts in February, substantially expanding levels of vertical integration in-house. Strengthening the leadership team is also part of our clear growth strategy.”

By Neil Dowling

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