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SOCIAL media can become a powerful tool by letting customers spread the news and expand a dealership’s sphere of influence, said the marketing boss of Snap21.

The company, which uses the sharing of consumer reviews to expand the audience of any business, said the simple use of a photo can boost sales with minimal input from both the customer and the dealership.

Snap21 vice-president of marketing, Tom Roberton, told a AADA Convention workshop session that a simple photo drives social engagement and leverages the power of social media.

“Customers are asked to review and rate their experience with a business,” he said.

“We make it simple and easy for them to give you a review and share their experience by using a one-touch five-star rating system that can then be shared with their family and friends and promote your business.

Mr Roberton said Snap21 can boost a business’s social mentions.

“Each photo is branded to your dealership and linked to your website,” he said.

“So when clients socially share the photo, they’re also promoting you. Nearly one third of all snaps get shared.

“That’s a decisive advantage when the average Facebook user has well over 300 friends.”

Mr Roberton said personalised photo reviews are perceived as authentic, credible and relatable.

“This helps new-car buyers quickly validate and confirm their dealership choices and decisions,” he said.

“With Snap21 your dealership receives a branded portal that is customised and includes individual sales consultant reputation pages that have reviews for the dealership and for each of the sales staff.

“Snap21 reduces friction by only asking clients what is necessary. The review form is paired with your client’s photo and can be completed right on their mobile device.

“There’s no browsing, no registration, and no login required. They answer a few one-click questions, provide the details about their experience, enter their name, postcode and permission to use their photo.

“That’s it. You now earn the review and own the testimonial.”

Mr Roberton said all reviews are coupled with the photo and are listed in chronological order.

“Dealership links are included for your social media scheduling service review, request a quote, as well as contact us,” he said.

“The Snap21 platform is validated and recognised by Google. So this new content provider is provided continuously and is updated to provide fresh content and backlinks that the search engines will index and rank.

“This dramatically improves your SEO and search rankings.

“Snap21 improves your dealership search engine results dramatically. We get your ranking higher to get you found and get chosen by new prospective car buyers.”

Mr Roberton said promoting the sales consultant’s reputation at Snap21 was also easy.

“Reputation pages are fully editable and customisable by each sales consultant,” he said.

“These pages will empower the sales consultant themselves with their specific reviews, personal bio and profile listings, contact information and their links to their social media.”

He said it was also a very effective way to keep the visitors on your website.

“We can promote your latest dealership sales, service and personality rate on your website,” he said.

“Our customisable widgets enable your website visitors to directly view all of your latest Snap21 Google and Facebook reviews without having to leave your website.

“We automate your Facebook post, schedule and post your Snap21 photos and reviews. You can also post to your Twitter account.

“We help you solicit reviews. As a review collector, we not only proactively request and capture Snap21 reviews, but we also help you get more reviews from virtually any third-party review site.”

Mr Roberton said Snap21 also monitors and notifies whenever you receive a new review from Google or Facebook.

“We help you respond to your reviews and provide your dealership with the tools to automatically or manually respond to your Snap21 Google and Facebook reviews from directly within the Snap21 dashboard.

“We also help you leverage your marketing spend with Snap21 data. Our one-click marketing questions include where your clients found out about your dealership.

“Over time, the collected data will provide valuable insights into revealing how your car buyers actually found your dealership.

“This data can be compared with your current marketing spent to identify potential reallocation, or to negotiate and leverage savings with your third-party providers.

“We can help you capture and leverage customer experience in your service department to improve staff and workshop performance.

“Our newly released internal service surveys help you hear your customer’s voice and understand their experience, easily capture their satisfaction and/or quickly identify and track any potential issues.”

Mr Roberton said Snap21 also has the option to publicly display service reviews.

“Our DMS integration further automates and enhances the workflow for building your reputation in the sales and service departments,” he said.

Tom Roberton

By Neil Dowling

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