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PICK-UPS dominated the top three positions of the sales ladder for the first time in June, as passenger cars continued to cool their heels. SUVs maintained their growth rate but the overall monthly increase was only one percentage point.

The ladder reads from the top with the Toyota HiLux, then the Ford Ranger and then a burst from last month into third by the Mitsubishi Triton that has been the recipient of an active sales campaign. It has stepped up from a ninth placing in May.

The Ranger added almost 1100 units in June and the model represents 60.6 per cent of Ford’s total June sales. There are no other Ford products in the first 52 places of the June sales ladder.

Holden fared a little better. The Colorado is in 10th (previously 13th) with the Commodore in 34th, Astra at 46 and Trax at 49.

The biggest mover was the Nissan Qashqai that leaped to 14th from its May position at 30 while the Honda HR-V is now 20th, up from 34.

SUVs hold 10 of the Top 20 positions. The SUV stranglehold in June’s sales chart is even more evident with SUVs occupying 23 places in the top 50. Passenger cars and pick-ups each hold five slots in the Top 20.