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Toyota Fleet Management (TFM) has launched a car-share platform to help businesses manage their vehicle fleet and other assets.

Called Forcefield Share, the platform is aimed at controlling the shared-vehicle fleet, especially in the current pandemic environment when many staff are returning to in-house locations creating a variable demand for vehicles.

Forcefield Share is a cloud-based solution to manage the scheduling, booking and reporting on shared vehicles and other assets (such as machinery and equipment) to give fleet managers complete visibility over their assets at all times.

TFM’s head of product and strategy, James Bridekirk, said the new platform promises fleets a cost-effective, fully-featured platform that enables full use of shared vehicles and equipment, improving productivity, reducing administration and fleet costs.

“ForceField Share has been clearly designed and developed with not only drivers in mind, but also fleet managers who will benefit from productivity and workflow improvements within their fleet,” he said.

“Right from the beginning, we wanted to ensure it not only offers a very cost-effective solution, but also a very user-friendly one.

“Fleet managers can effectively identify and keep up to date with reassigning underutilised assets, stay on top of maintenance requirements and manage any damage and repairs.

“Users can quickly make and manage their bookings using a web browser on their desktop, or through the native iOS and Android mobile apps.

“The intuitive interface, extensive functionality and centralised cloud-based system enables fleets to optimise their vehicle usage, improve efficiency and help reduce fleet costs.”

ForceField Share was developed in collaboration with TFM’s technology partner, PROCON Telematics, and designed to integrate with ForceField Telematics to give fleet customers a scalable end-to-end mobility platform suitable for fleets of any size from five cars to 5000 cars in any number of locations across Australia.

In-house support for the platform comes from TFM’s specialist Connected Mobility team.

TFM said the platform “will benefit from rapid development, introducing new features and functionality like no other car-sharing platform currently in the market”.

By John Mellor

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