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MELBOURNE’S distinctive rolledglass pylon near the Tullamarine airport which was the pivotal landmark for the Fairfax-owned Age newspaper printing plant will soon mark the new entrance to the Zagame Automotive Group’s parts, service and repair business.

Zagame managing director Bobby Zagame said the site alongside the Tullamarine Freeway will start development this month and become a parts outlet for the company’s dealerships.

“It will also be used for the pre-delivery and storage of cars,” he said. “I expect that in February or March we will add a panel repair shop and then, later, we can retail some cars from the site.”

The location, close to Melbourne airport, will allow service or repair of cars while their owners are away. Mercedes-Benz has a similar service in Melbourne and Sydney although these include a showroom as well.

Mr Zagame said The Age printworks was “near perfect” for the business’ needs.

“It would be hard to find a building that needs little work to suit our business,” he said. “All we have to do now is work out how we adapt that glass sign.”

By Neil Dowling

The Age newspaper printing plant

The Age newspaper printing plant