John Mellor’s GoAuto Newsroom, driven by the innovation of its publisher, has been a major source of car industry news, commentary and analysis since the early 1980s.

Now the Newsroom is rolling out the next stage in its evolution that is both a weekly online business publication, delivered via email alerts and the Web, plus a companion website, designed to be a filing cabinet of motor industry information resources.

The weekly publication will keep subscribers abreast of the latest developments and intelligence in their industry.

The companion website will be available to subscribers to go deep-diving for information they need for interaction with motor industry clients, report research, business strategy planning and pure and simple knowledge growth.

The vision

“It’s like going to a business conference any day or night of the year you like.”

GoAutoMedia’s vision has been to provide the retail motor industry and the associated motor trade with a level of coverage the sector deserves – especially as it accounts for the greatest share of the Australian economy (ahead of food and beverage).

John Mellor, a leading automotive publisher, writer, public speaker, media commentator, and analyst, has long believed the men and women who deliver the complex matrix of services to the motoring public are entitled to the best possible information to allow them to perform their roles with determination and skill.



John Mellor

Mellor, a 50-year industry veteran, shared his vision with Cox Enterprises, a huge media group in the United States, and, via its Cox Automotive group and its Australian operations at Manheim, Cox agreed to partner with GoAutoMedia to help fund this new Premium initiative with the level of manpower necessary.

GoAutoNews Premium – the business section of GoAutoNews – is designed to arm all industry players, from the board rooms to the workshops, with information to perform well at their jobs and to not only keep them abreast with news about people, trends, and issues, but to dig deeper and provide interpretation from leading experts and analysts charged with a brief to tell our readers what the news means for them.

Over the years John Mellor and his team have formed close relationships with leading car industry players. GoAutoNews Premium seeks to draw these partnerships together to provide easy-to-understand and relevant data, information, commentary and analysis for those who make motor retailing and the motor trade their business.

To meet the rest of the team, click here.

GoAutoNews Premium will maintain a watching brief for subscribers on the following areas:

  • Motor retail news, trends and commentary
  • Industry people, personnel, and profiles
  • Marketing and media news, trends, and developments
  • Exclusive business-focussed interviews with senior car industry leaders in Australia, New Zealand and overseas
  • Government regulation and industy lobbying
  • Fleet management news, tools, trends and commentary
  • Special business briefings on key industry developments
  • Dealership design and business innovation
  • Market trends to watch
  • Technology and its impact on retailers and repairers
  • Key issues in factory-dealer business partnerships
  • Management advice and training
  • Vehicle finance and leasing news and trends

Much of the industry information GoAuto publishes will continue to be freely available through GoAutoNews newsletter and online, but in-depth coverage will be available to subscribers only.

GoAutoNews Premium will always go the extra mile.

It will be in stark contrast to some industry coverage that consists of barely warmed-over press releases and, in some cases, outright lifting of the endeavours of established publishers and journalists and a blatant presentation of the results as their own work.