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US-BASED Zero Motorcycles is relaunching its electric motorcycles in Australia this year, partnering with industry pioneer Peter Stevens Motorcycles to distribute and retail its range.

The brand is no stranger to the Australian market, after spending 2014 to 2017 Down Under with a different distributor – albeit in a far less mature EV market.

Since departing, Australia’s electric vehicle and motorcycle markets have experienced healthy growth prompting a return for Zero Motorcycles, this time through a distributor that brings more than 50 years of experience to the table. 

Adrian O’Donoughue, director of international expansion, Zero Motorcycles

“Australia’s electric vehicle demand is ramping up as the nation’s charging infrastructure rapidly expands, as does availability of exciting new products like Zero’s,” Zero Motorcycles director of international expansion, Adrian O’Donoughue told GoAutoNews Premium

“The powerful partnership between Zero Motorcycles and Peter Stevens will enable enthusiasts to access an established and reputable network of authorised dealers from coast to coast.”

Peter Stevens Motorcycles is not only welcoming Zero Motorcycles to the stable, but is also expanding into Western Sydney – making 2024 a big year for the well-respected retailer.

“Zero Motorcycles is a great fit for our business model and brand expansion,” Peter Stevens Motorcycles chief executive, Darren Munro said.

“Our leadership strongly believes electric motorcycles are an inevitable development in the long term future of Australian motorcycling and we are passionate about being a leader in the way of the future. 

“Zero is a pioneer and the clear leader in the EV space, boasting the most advanced technology and diverse model range available in the world makes us highly enthusiastic to be their Australian partner,” he said. 

Darren Munro, chief executive, Peter Stevens Motorcycles

In terms of customer wait times Zero Motorcycles has confirmed it has stock on the ground to satisfy initial orders, and Peter Stevens Motorcycles has purchased additional used bikes.

“We’ve got a stack of bikes that will land before homologation is complete in February, so we’re going to be putting them into storage,” Mr O’Donoghue said.

“Once the government gives that tick, we will have inventory ready to go. I’d say with confidence, they could be available in early March.”

The Australian range of Zero Motorcycles will include the DSR/X, DSR, DS and FX dual-sport models and the SR/S, SR/F, SR and FXE street models. 

Zero Motorcycles has been producing zero-emission two-wheelers since 2006, out of its California facility, now operating in more than 40 countries and with thousands of motorcycles on the road. 

By Coby Bartells

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