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THE Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) has welcomed new directors to its board.

Announced at the 41st AAAA annual general meeting, the four industry leaders were each appointed to the board for three years.

The national, independent association that represents the aftermarket industry said the role of the board was critical in further strengthening its ability to support, develop and future-proof the industry.

Successful candidates elected for the first time are Mike Carnemolla, director at The Garage Network, and Peter Rogers, national manager at Repco Authorised Service.

Re-elected to the board are Darren Robinson, managing director at Hella Australia, and Don Cormack, CEO of Adrad.

AAAA CEO Stuart Charity said: “We are extremely fortunate to have such a repertoire of industry talent offer their services for the betterment of our industry.

“I wish to congratulate Darren and Don on their re-election to the board, and provide a warm welcome to Mike Carnemolla and Peter Rogers.

“AAAA board positions are highly sought after and attract strong candidates. With only four board positions available, unfortunately, some candidates were not successful this year.

“I want to thank and acknowledge Cody Harrison and Michael Werle for their nominations and thank retiring directors Steve Lewis, John Benson and Sean Buckley for their outstanding service on the board.”

Mr Charity said that with the worst of the pandemic “hopefully behind us, I look forward to pursuing a new chapter for the automotive aftermarket with the AAAA board”.

“Along with Mark Pedder, our chairman, I’d like to thank the entire AAAA board for their insight and unwavering contribution to our fantastic industry through these challenging times,” he said.

“The AAAA is well placed to continue its role in ensuring the growth of the industry and providing clear value to our members.”

By Neil Dowling

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