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FORD Motor Company has signed up Australia’s biggest manufacturer and distributor of 4WD parts and accessories as one of three suppliers to outfit the latest Bronco two-door and four-door SUVs in time for a mid-year global launch.

ARB 4×4 Accessories has been picked by Ford along with two US companies, RTR Vehicles and 4 Wheel Parts, to provide aftermarket components for the Bronco.

Ford said in a statement that it was collaborating with the off-road aftermarket companies on a range of performance parts “beyond the current catalog of Ford-approved accessories for Bronco and Bronco Sport.”

“Additional offerings include suspension and lift kits, custom wheels and body components, performance driveline parts, plus an extensive list of camping and off-road accessories such as tents, racks, storage solutions and lighting,” it said.

It said off-road enthusiasts crave accessories to create their ultimate off-road machines “so we’re accelerating the development of Bronco-specific offerings by working directly with three of the leading suppliers in the 4×4 arena to further build out our list of off-road parts and accessories available this summer.”

ARB will supply its high-performance off-road parts designed specifically for the new Bronco models.

They include parts fitted to the custom Ford Bronco Badlands four-door SUV including airbag-compliant front and rear bumpers, heavy-duty rock sliders and differential cover, and essential off-road accessories like an ARB twin compressor, jack and Zero refrigerator/freezer.

ARB USA president Doug Pettis said: “These accessories represent years of design and engineering collaboration with the Ford team to build parts driven by the Bronco SUV off-road heritage and styling.”

“This design represents a practical yet capable vehicle that improves performance and enhances comfort off-road.”

Bronco Sport launched late last year with more than 100 items owners could add to their SUVs.

Now that the Bronco two-door and four-door models are close to launch, more than 200 Ford-approved items will be available for customers.

Ford said that as more aftermarket companies come online, more parts will become available.

It said that many builders are working with the modular design of the Bronco, where doors, roofs, fenders, grilles and more can be easily replaced to personalise the vehicle.

Ford regional product line manager Jeff Seaman said: “We’ve brought more companies into the personalisation process a lot earlier than in the past to take advantage of the unique design aspects of Bronco and Bronco Sport, all aimed at making customisation more accessible to a wider range of off-road enthusiasts – from hobbyists to professional off-roaders.”

“In the end, no two Bronco SUVs should ever need to be the same. They can be as diverse as our customers are.”

Ford showed off the Bronco models with accessories from ARB, RTR and 4 Wheel Parts, at the traditional Easter Safari event in Moab, Utah.

By Neil Dowling

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