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PRODUCT presentations from a remote studio and viewed around the world are becoming big business for enterprising video and film companies but one Melbourne business is poised to start a live format aimed at journalists and dealers.

Axis Films’ principal Tim Maloney said the live format respects distancing rules during the COVID-19 pandemic and gives immediate interaction between the presenting company and viewers such as journalists and dealership staff, allowing viewers to ask questions in real time.

“Because of the social distancing requirements and a reluctance by many people to attend a vehicle launch in a single location, we’re starting to do more video work for launches and for smaller dealerships in Melbourne to promote their business and sell cars,” he said.

“It connects the dots for new-vehicle launches, bringing the vehicles to a location and creating a video environment that allows dealers, motoring journalists and internal staff to get all the details of the vehicle without having to travel.

“That can include a walk-around of the vehicle with commentary, speeches on the vehicle from key members of the car company such as the managing director, product engineers, sales managers, marketing directors and so on.

“It can also provide for question and answer sessions between the viewer and the company representatives.

“The use of the video in this format means viewers can have almost all of the information available to them to gain product knowledge – for writing a story or for salespeople ready to sell the product – without the time and expense of physically attending the launch program.”

Mr Maloney said many companies have been pre-producing car launches without any ability for viewers to become involved in the presentation, leaving questions unanswered and reducing the impact of the event and impressions of the car company.

“What you put into the live event should reflect the brand,” he told GoAutoNews Premium.

“There’s been some walkarounds that don’t have much meat on the bones and are not particularly relevant to getting the whole message across to viewers, especially journalists.”

Axis Films said the live format allowed companies to conduct car launch events with no actual media or dealer staff attending the location.

“We recently did a communication for a Porsche dealer that allowed them to connect with their customers. We have also done work for the RACV,” Mr Maloney said.

“These people are realising that they have to talk to their customers and it’s time for car companies to do the same.”

He said car launch and technical events require journalists, dealers, technicians and automotive internal staff to travel to a location and are hosted before being given a product presentation.

“What Axis Films is providing is the same type of format without having to travel,” he said.

Tim Maloney

“A proper broadcast with switching between multiple cameras, graphics and speakers. Those speakers can also be in other locations, including bases anywhere in the world.

“Attendees can still ask questions from their office or home, just like at an event. We then offer the opportunity for bespoke video elements such as one-on-one interviews for journalists that can be recorded to video and supplied to the media or for the internal use of the car company.

“The entire presentation is recorded and can be replayed for those who can’t watch it live.

“The same style of presentation can then be repeated and adapted for the likes of internal communications, dealer presentations, technical information and even a customer event.”

Mr Maloney said many new-vehicle launches are in the queue “waiting to go”.

“So we are providing a premium platform with a large, furloughed studio – and there are several of those available in Melbourne at the moment – all of which are capable of staging a car in the centre of the studio and creating a presentation,” he said.

“This is broadcast standard, so it can be available to people as if they attended a launch.”

Axis Films started in 1987 and has been one of the key suppliers of video services to the automotive industry with work for most car manufacturers, automotive component makers as well as the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and Foxsports motorsport.

By Neil Dowling