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SOPHISTICATED advertising technology that uses predictive data to give dealers valuable insight into what buyers are looking for in their next vehicle has become one of the key offerings of an innovative product from Gumtree, CarsGuide and Autotrader.

Audience Match is a smart data tool that indicates purchase intent by analysing consumer journeys and mapping trading activity. Having access to this intent allows Gumtree, CarsGuide and Autotrader to design solutions for each clients’ unique needs.

Put together with Gumtree Labs – which offers advertising content and entertainment to engage users – the Audience Match product creates an innovative platform designed to get results.

CarsGuide national sales director Carl Davies said it gives a great opportunity for brands to target audiences with the right messages at the right time.

“For example, we know if a customer has a small or medium business or is a tradesperson from their activity on Gumtree,” he said.

“They could be selling their vehicle on Autotrader whilst researching new vehicles on CarsGuide. So it’s pretty clear they are potentially looking to upgrade their car in the near future.

“Audience Match allows brands to target these audiences.

“It is the same for finance clients targeting people with a car loan or insurance clients to offer car insurance or the ability to get a quote.

“A consumer might be seeking a car valuation and starts their search for a new vehicle on any of our platforms.

Carl Davies

“They then start to read reviews on CarsGuide and interact with some of our immersive digital experiences like 3D or virtual showrooms.

“The consumer then encounters one of the many opportunities across our network to communicate with a dealer or submit a lead on a vehicle.

“All this activity creates a unique path to purchase and is attributed to the customer’s unique tracking identifier to create an authentic and effective experience while buying and selling cars across our platforms.”

Gumtree accesses data through its broad marketplace and this data highlights the various life stages of the audience and their behaviour.

Gumtree said that, for example, customers might move out of the family home, perhaps get married, have a family of their own or upsize their home and car.

“That’s an exciting place for brands as 90 per cent of Aussie sellers consider replacing their pre-loved item with new,” the company said.

With CarsGuide and Autotrader, the combined audience is 8.5 million Australians.

Gumtree Australia director of advertising Shannon Fitzpatrick said: “The Circular Economy is a multi-billion dollar economy and one of the most important cultural and consumer shifts in years.

Shannon Fitzpatrick

“It’s a massive opportunity for marketers to tap into, and with one in three Australians trading on Gumtree, our platform is an integral component.

“Gumtree Media’s new advertising offering allows partners to connect their brands to life’s full circle, providing unique opportunities to effectively tap into audience life-stages and major moments of change.

“These life-stages are when people are most open to exploring new products and services, so they can upgrade, save and buy new.”

Mr Fitzpatrick said Gumtree’s point of difference is unlimited access to a wealth of first party data listening and trend watching.

“We know Australians like few others. We know what Aussies wanted to buy last week, what they’re buying today – and we can help brands predict what they’ll buy tomorrow,” he said.

“We can target customers by intent, category interest or demographic factors.

“Our new offering lets us individually tailor advertising solutions for brands, and with new native advertisements on the site and innovations like Gumtree Labs that offer entertainment while on the platform, we can give each customer the right message at the right time.”

Gumtree’s unique engaged audience has 65 per cent visiting weekly for an average of 29 minutes. It has more than 2.8 million live listings.

The marketplace platform retains and tracks conscious consumers through their life stages – transitioning from student, to couples, to family upsizers or downsizers.

By John Mellor

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