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TOYOTA has grabbed the bulk of Australia’s new-car market in April, putting six of its models in the top 20 ladder and shunting previous sales leader, the Ford Ranger, into third.

It holds first and second rung with HiLux back in top spot, followed by the Corolla. Both lost sales over the previous month but held on because the Ranger actually lost more – down 1268 over March, in fact.

The first five remained regular visitors to the top end of the sales ladder, although the Hyundai Tucson made a leap from 16th to become the month’s sixth best seller – again, mainly because of falls by the regulars.

Good news, finally, for Holden as its Colorado went into 10th position (from 20th in March). It remains the only Holden badge in the top 20 with its closest sibling, the Commodore, at 40th.

Other big improvers were the Toyota LandCruiser (at 15th, from 26th last month) and the Mazda CX-3 (at 16th, previously 25th).

The most notable decline was felt at Nissan with X-Trail plunging to 21st from its seventh spot in March, and the Mitsubishi Triton sliding to 12th from fourth.

SUVs now make up eight slots in the top 20; utes have five; and small cars have six. The only medium-large car in the list is the Toyota Camry at 20th.