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RENAULT Australia has appointed Manheim as its supplier of automotive remarketing services, following a supplier review and realignment with Nissan as part of Renault’s alliance.

From August 1, Manheim will provide a range of both physical and digital services to Renault and its franchised dealer network.

This will include managing the logistical and operational requirements involved in preparing Renault company vehicles for sale, including vehicle inspections, vehicle detailing, professional photography, de-registrations services, sale management and administration and transport bookings.

Renault said a pivotal component of Manheim’s contract was the provision of its online platform for franchised Renault dealers to view and purchase company vehicles.

To meet COVID-19 demands, Manheim could also provide Renault with a suite of digital sales channels including web-streamed live online auctions and 100 per cent digital listings to give the dealer network comprehensive and convenient sales solutions.

Manheim’s director of sales and retail, Josh Emeny, said: “We are delighted to be selected by Renault.”

“As one of the leading suppliers of remarketing services to OEMs in Australia, we have a long and successful track record of expertise and experience in line with their needs,” he said.

“Our strong relationship with many franchised dealer networks also ensures we have the skills and knowledge to successfully manage their sales needs across a variety of digital platforms.”

Renault Australia’s sales and network director, David Rodda, said: “We approached Manheim following a recommendation from our global partner Nissan, who have worked with Manheim in Australia for many years.”

“We look forward to building on that relationship and enjoying a long and fruitful association with Manheim,” he said.

By Neil Dowling

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