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SYDNEY-based tyre and wheel retail and wholesale business Tempe Tyres is thinking big with a new building planned that resembles a giant tyre.

The business expects that after council approval, it will have a 55,000 square-metre warehouse in operation next year and, in 2020, new offices on the same site.

Tempe Tyres general manager Sam Taleb told GoAutoNews Premium that the new building – designed as two giant stacked tyres with four levels for the office and an adjoining warehouse with four levels – is in response to dramatic increases in sales, especially online business.

The business is currently on Princes Highway in Tempe which comprises offices, wholesale and retail services.

“The new building at Kurnell will be a separate operation and contain warehouse and offices for wholesale and online business, as well as serving as the hub for our Australian expansion,” Mr Taleb said.

Mr Taleb said that Kurnell will employ a further 80 staff and that within five years, in line with plans to establish warehouses in other states, the total staff is expected to rise to around 500 people.

“We have long-term plans in place to ensure the growth of the business,” he said.

“Kurnell is one step in those plans.”

Tempe Tyres has 8000 tyre orders a day and that rate is increasing. To fill orders, the new warehouse will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The warehouse capacity is a key to business growth and the design of the building, he says, fits with the business.

“People around the world recognise buildings and how they relate to the owners,” Mr Taleb said.

“This is our crazy way of showing the industry in which we work.”

The building approval has taken two years to reach approval stage.

Tempe Tyres owns the site on Captain Cook Drive near the Caltex fuel terminal.

By Neil Dowling