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FANCY yourself as a car designer?

Now Jaguar gives you the chance to follow your pencil around a piece of paper as part of its new stay-at-home masterclass programs.

The four-part series is hosted by Jaguar designers and follows the progress of Jaguar’s I-Pace EV through the initial design stages with a backdrop of expert advice and tips.

The process begins with sketching and Jaguar’s chief creative designer Dominic Najafi opens with a tutorial on sketching the I-Pace with a pencil and paper.

Then the design is handed over to chief exterior designer Matthew Beaven who then transforms the preliminary sketch idea into a professional digital render using Photoshop.

The third film follows senior alias modeller Chris Scholes as he creates an exterior design proposal, taking the 2D digital render and developing it into 3D surfaces using Autodesk Alias software.

Finally, CG artist Elliot Brett from the Design Visualisation team brings the I-Pace to life, detailing how it is taken from storyboard through to animation.

The first three films are available to view now:

Jaguar Design Masterclass | EP 1: Sketching the All-Electric I-Pace

Jaguar Design Masterclass | EP 2: Rendering the All-Electric I-Pace

Jaguar Design Masterclass | EP 3: Taking I-Pace from 2D to 3D

The fourth film to complete the series will be released the following week.

By Neil Dowling

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