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MG MOTOR Australia strongly supports the Federal Government’s Impact Analysis for the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES) and has opted for option B. 

MG Motor Australia said in an announcement that it is fully committed to working with the Government and wider industry to ensure Australian road users can access a wide range of affordable low and zero emission vehicles.

MG Motor Australia chief operating officer Peter Ciao said: “With the majority of the international car market already covered by fuel efficiency standards, we are fully supportive of Australia’s move to help provide consumers with cleaner and more affordable cars to own and run.      “The standard is a win for customers with rising costs of living and a win for our extensive dealer network who can do their bit to reduce emissions in their local communities in line with Australia’s commitment to decarbonise,” he said. 

Mr Ciao said the company approach is intended to catch up with the NVES of other developed countries resulting in far lower emissions levels when compared with Option A. 

“Since we first launched our first EV back in 2020, we have been providing, and continue to provide, high-quality and affordable electric cars across Australia to assist in an equitable transition to low emissions transport. 

“The MG4 was the first new EV that was sub $40,000 (MSRP) to be offered to the Australian market with a 5 star ANCAP rating.” 

“MG is committed to providing fuel efficient motoring to all Australians with our clean energy vehicles. 

Peter Ciao

“We are introducing and evolving our range to offer at least one EV and or Hybrid variant within our range beginning with the all new MG3 hybrid arriving soon. 

“We know that change is never easy and it took a lot of initiative from the government to make such a move but we also know that having a strong fuel efficiency standard will not only help reduce household costs but also provide healthier neighbourhoods,” he said.

By John Mellor

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