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NCHCAPE Australia has shown how serious it is about new distributorships for Peugeot and Citroen with Peugeot’s first-ever marketing campaign launched under the ‘I am what I am’ title.

The campaign starts with a 60-second television advertisement to promote Peugeot’s perception of itself as being a brand that attracts people who are individual, confident and carry those characteristics onto others.

The TVC, by creative agency The Works and produced by Infinity Squared, shows different people doing uncharacteristic – even eccentric – things like a female surfer slip on fluffy slippers after leaving the beach or a businessman wearing his children’s hair clips on his tie.

The ad is done to the backdrop of Gloria Gaynor’s iconic hit ‘I am what I am’.

Peugeot Australia managing director Ben Farlow said in an interview with Mumbrella that the Australian TVC ad is a defining moment for the French brand.

“With 208 years of experience, it’s fair to assume that Peugeot knows who it is,” he told Mumbrella.

“However, our brand activities have rarely reflected the relationship Australians have with our brand.

“Peugeot is a brand whose history is well established locally, though for the next chapter, we must stand out, stand up and be celebrated for what we are.

“The timing of our communications coincides with the 70th anniversary of Peugeot’s presence in Australia, but more importantly, it punctuates the beginning of a new era of product underpinned by award winning drivetrains, platforms and designs. It’s an exciting time for Peugeot.”

Peugeot Australia general manager of marketing, Amy Slade, said the campaign is about celebrating the attitude and style of Peugeot’s vehicles.

“We are hoping to remind people to have the confidence to be themselves, to be bold and live life how they see fit rather than following the crowd,” she said.

The campaign is on social and digital media, cinema and TV.

By Neil Dowling

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