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SEA Electric has appointed EV industry leader Bill Williams to the position of vice president of sales.

Mr Williams has 25 years of experience in the EV sector through a range of executive positions that SEA said provided him with a unique insight as the market rapidly expands.

SEA Electric founder and CEO Tony Fairweather said: “It’s fantastic to have Bill join us as SEA Electric takes the next steps in our rapid growth across the globe.

“His passion and insight into the development of the EV movement have made him a trusted spokesperson in the industry, and have earned him the title of ‘The EVangelist’.

“Bill has previously presented at the Pentagon, to the US Department of Transportation, and the US Department of Energy, while also sitting on the Electric School Bus Steering Committee, among a range of positions that make him a highly valuable addition to the team as we move forward.”

Prior to serving as the executive vice president at EV specialists Endera, Mr Williams was the director of commercial sales at Proterra Inc. focusing on commuter shuttle and transportation solutions for airports, universities and major corporations.

In that role, he was responsible for growing the business’s airport deployments to include JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, and San Jose airports, as well as at Harvard University, the University of Georgia, and the full bus fleet electrification at Alabama A&M.

Before joining Proterra, Mr Williams spent six years working on a range of EV infrastructure and smart city projects, with a highlight being when he convinced Elon Musk and the SpaceX team to install 30 level-one chargers in that company’s parking structure.

SEA Electric will now benefit from Mr Williams’ expertise and skill set.

Mr Williams said: “I’m thrilled to join the team at SEA Electric. After working in the industry from charging equipment, battery design, to complete vehicle manufacturing, the electric drive train is truly what will move successful EV Adoption for the truck and school bus fleets around the globe.

“SEA Electric has one of the most efficient solutions for existing vehicles and new ones to be electrified!”

Founded in Australia in 2012 but now headquartered in Los Angeles, SEA Electric has gained traction the world over with its proprietary SEA Drive power system, a proven solution for a wide range of commercial transport applications.

Offering market-leading performance, efficiency and value for money, the system has found favour for adoption in truck, bus and van platforms.

By Neil Dowling

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